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Warmer Days Fragrances
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Country Peach Tea

Oh Sweet Peaches! Tasty mix of country tea and juicy peaches. Help me find the nearest porch! 

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Garden Mint & Grapefruit

Delightfully refreshing balance of grapefruit and garden mint. If you like grapefruit, you're going to love the way this scent enhances your home. 

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Sun-Kissed Meadows

Flowing meadows of sweet flowers and wild berries capture soft breezes in the sun. The perfect fragrance for those summer days. 

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Sweet Coconut & Mango

Fresh Mango along with hints of peach softly combine with sweet coconut will add a bit of summer to your room everytime!

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Those Summer Nights

Both men and women are drawn to this fragrance for a more masculine, fresh scent. 

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Wild Strawberry Patch

Just like the description! Freshly picked plump, juicy strawberries that are yum in your mouth. Break out the ice cream please!

Wild StrawberryPatch

Autumn Fragrances

Autumn Grove

The perfect earthy blend of evergreens mixed with soft notes of spice, berries, citrus, and vanilla musk. You can imagine yourself walking through the woods on a brisk fall day. 

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Apple Barn

Sweet apples, orange peel, and vanilla mixed with cinnamon and spices are all the right ingredients for apple cider made right in the barn.

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Butterscotch Drops

A perfect pie to usher the Fall right into your home. A fabulous aroma of pumpkin pie and warm spices to bring you that fresh-baked smell.

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Harvest Hayride

Fall is in the air! Smokey woods, leather, amber and musk combined with sweet vanilla bean, almond, and caramel. Top off notes of ginger, clove, and cinnamon. Reminds you of bonfires, hayrides, and spiced apples all in one. 

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Pinch Me Pumpkin Pie

A perfect pie to usher the Fall right into your home. A fabulous aroma of pumkin pie and warm spices to bring you that fresh-baked smell.

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Apple Fritter
Limited Edition!

Fresh out of the donut shop! Tasty blend of baked apples, cinnamon, and musk. With notes of vanilla, sugar, and tonka bean. This is a must have for the season! 

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Wintertide Fragrances

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Cranberry & Pine

Light this candle and bring the outdoors in with the scent of mountainside pine and fresh cranberries. It is perfect for anyone who loves a fresh, outdoorsy winter fragrance.

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Marshmallows by the Fireside

You don't have to go outdoors to enjoy the smell of marshmallows roasting by a roaring fireside. Grab your favorite blanket, your candle, and snuggle up with a good book as the scent of roasted marshmallows surrounds you.

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O' Christmas Tree

Close your eyes and picture a freshly cut tree strapped to your car just waiting for those special ornaments. Tradition pine mixed with cypress, fir, eucalyptus, and cedar wood make for the perfect Christmas tree scent. 

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Old-Fashioned Gingerbread

A genuinely nostalgic gingerbread in a candle.  It has everything you want- ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a hint of molasses.  This is by far the best gingerbread fragrance we have ever smelled. 

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Sugared Peppermint

Sky rockets at night, a peppermint delight!  This is a call to all peppermint lovers who want a perfectly creamy peppermint with just the right amount of sugary sweetness. 

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Thumbprint Cookies

Get your holiday on with a delectable blend of vanilla bean and sweet buttercream; that's what this candle is made of!  Your house will smell like you are baking homemade cookies in the oven.

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Winter Garland-Coming soon!

A blend of evergreens and warm exotic spices draped across the fireplace mantel is what comes to mind as you burn this classic holiday scent.

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Sweet As Blueberry Pie

Some things were meant to go together, like blueberries, warm vanilla, and buttery brown sugar. It's so scrumptious your home will smell as sweet as blueberry pie.

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Garden Mint & Grapefruit

A lovely and refreshing balance of red grapefruit, garden mint, and soft floral undertones. If you like grapefruit, you're going to love the way this scent enhances your home.

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Signature Fragrances


Coffee at the Cafe

You're going to think you just walked into a cafe with this rich, decadent blend of coffee and creamy sweetness that makes any time coffee time.

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Farmhouse Herbs

Enjoy a calming mix of fresh herbs straight out of the garden. This fragrance makes for a great aromatherapy candle. 

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Sea Salt & Orchid

Soft floral notes with salty highlights for those who enjoy a fresh fragrance for every season.

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Sugared Lemon

Sliced lemons along with hints of sweet sugar and tart berries make this candle just the right balance of lemony goodness. 

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Wild Fig & Wood

Sun-ripened figs intertwine with soft florals make a wonderfully lush fragrance for every season. 

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